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Jersey Beer Guys podcast

Apr 23, 2019

On our first night of the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival we sat down and talked to Keith Oriente from Brotherton Brewing, Mike Nuhn from Tonewood Brewing, Joe. a new friend that we met before the festival and who we had the chance to talk with at the festival.

We also got to talk with Jason Campbell from Slacktide Brewing who was joined by Mike Kivowitz from New Jersey Craft Beer. We were inundated with Robs in the last segment. Rob Zarko from Ship Bottom Brewing and Rob Callaghan from Tuckahoe Brewing.

This is a long episode but we had a lot of fun making and we want to thank all those who stopped by. Make sure you check them all out when you get the chance, except Joe, he wouldn't use his real name with us. Thanks everyone for sitting down with us.