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Jersey Beer Guys podcast

Sep 20, 2019

 This is our final episode...from Summer Swelter Beer Festival. What were you guys thinking? We aren't done interviewing all the awesome breweries in the the Garden State.

 In this episode we talk with Adam Mazzola, one of the organizers of the SSBF and all around great guy. Adam happens to be the face of the event but gets a lot of help from so many folks. He talks about all of what it takes and the festival. In that session we were also joined by Tony Iocono of the Two Brewthers podcast. Him and his brother visit breweries and talk with brewers and owners. They follow up that usually a week later with a review of the beers that they tried.

The final segment is with Frank and Dave of Neck of the Woods Brewery, our hosts for the event. They are a relatively new brewery and the festival hopefully got them some new customers. We want to thank them for hosting us.